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Switzerland Fundraising

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Now that this year’s summer camp is over we’re beginning to look forward to our trip to Kandersteg, Switzerland next year.

We are trying to keep everyone’s costs down to a minimum so with this in mind we are planning some fundraising opportunities over the next few months, and organising it so that those who do the most fundraising will benefit most from the money raised.

Potentially the first of these opportunities will be on Saturday 12th September at James Aiton Primary School’s Autumn Fayre which includes a car boot sale.

We would like to invite donations of items for the car boot sale. We will buy a pitch with Scout funds and man it with volunteers on the day.

We will keep an inventory of items and who donated them. Any money raised from items sold will go into the camp bank of whoever donated the items in the first place. So whatever money is raised from the sale of your items will go straight towards your own camp fees.

We are also open to donations for those not going to Switzerland next year, with any monies raised going to Scout funds. Any items not sold will be returned.


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