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Scouts Programme

scouts2Scouts will participate in various events and activities, and can work towards over sixty activity badges, six staged activity badges and nine challenge badges, all which follow a balanced programme based on the six zones detailed below. Once Scouts have completed eight of the nine challenge badges, they are awarded the Chief Scout’s Gold award. The events calendar will detail forthcoming activities which have been arranged for the 150th Glasgow Scouts.

Beliefs and attitudes

Provides opportunities to explore and develop Scouting values, personal attitudes and a range of beliefs.


Helps Scouts explore the community in which they live, discovering local people, places and facilities. It also allows them to offer help and service.

Fit for life

Activities to improve fitness, promote personal health and increase awareness of personal safety.

Creative expression

Provides opportunities for young people to display their creativity through art, music, drama, design, worship and leadership.


Helps Scouts discover the similarities and differences in lifestyle, cultures and environments, both locally and from round the world.

Outdoor and adventure

All the activities connected with camping, the great outdoors and those needed for adventurous activities such as climbing, caving, canoeing and sailing.

It is recommended that a Troop spend roughly 50% of its programme time working within the Outdoor and Adventure Zone.

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